Wild Fire-Making

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Wild Fire-Making

One day

Sunday 6 May 2018


Cost £85
2019 dates will be confirmed soon, and you can hear about them via my newsletter or by checking the website again.

(Optional extra on the day: a Native Hands fire kit, handmade by Ruby, to take home with you for £35)

Venue: we’ll be based in 70 acres of ancient coppiced  woodland, on a family-run working  farm. A peaceful and beautiful setting. Dernwood Farm, Waldron, Nr Heathfield, Sussex, TN21 0PN

Making fire without matches, using the ancient techniques of percussion and friction, is a truly empowering thing to do. It seems to touch a primal part of us humans and it’s a thrill when the flames burst forth, every time.

wild fire-making course sussexOn this day-long course you’ll learn how to safely turn a spark or an ember into a fire that will hold its own. We’ll be using  ancient percussive methods and also the timeless bow-drill friction method.

We’ll look at the various tinder that’s available for foraging. You’ll learn how to prep and use these.

This course is suitable for anyone who’s always wanted to have a go… and also for anyone who’d like to develop their existing skills of fire-making. Bow drill takes practice, and this is a great opportunity to work on your technique to build your confidence and ability.

Make a weekend of it: join the Wild Cordage (string) course the previous day to enjoy a whole weekend in the woods…perfect way to spend the Bank Holiday weekend.
As an optional extra on the day, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful Native Hands flint and steel fire-making kit, handmade by Ruby, containing everything you need to make fire after the course (cost per kit is £35).

We learned so much… yet the pace was never rushed or stressful. Each part of the process was completely engrossing and I was able to be more fully present than I usually am in my daily life in the city. It’s hard for your thoughts to wander when you’re waving a smoking nest of grass in your hand, watching it burst into flames! It all felt so sane, human and natural. YK, Sussex

wild fire-making course sussexWe’ll also have time set aside for connecting to the woodland surroundings, making the day a nourishing as well as a learning experience.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners. Places limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure individual attention.

Camping is available at the farm venue and full details about this will be sent to you (along with B&B info) when you book on the course. The farm also has glamping options, including cosy bell tents and cabins with wood-burners.

Please note that the cost of camping is not included in the course.