Clay & willow bark. Height 14cm, Diameter 21.5cm

Here’s a selection of new work, shown at: Made-London, at The True Value of Materials, University of Brighton, and in Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses.

“My current work stems from an interest in the evolution of basketry and ceramics. I’m fascinated with foraging for the raw materials in the wild and finding a way to work with them. The combination of textures of the raw, bonfire-fired clay and the coiled leaves of iris and lily intrigues me. Bonfire firing creates beautiful smoke clouds on the pot surface and is an engagingly unpredictable process. The marriage of the two materials references the origins of pottery, which some say evolved directly from basketry in Neolithic times. Made totally from foraged materials, my pieces are a connection to those ancestors.”

Clay, day lily, phormium. Lidded, with willow bark hinges. Height 11.5cm, Diameter 19cm

You will find photos and information about the unique making process Ruby uses on the backstory page.

To enquire about prices of these one-off pieces, please contact Ruby.





Clay, day lily, phormium.
Height 17cm, Diameter 26.5cm
Clay, willow bark.
Height 16cm, Diameter 18.5cm



Clay, day lily, phormium.
Height 10cm, Diameter 15.5cm
Clay, willow bark.
Height 13cm, Diameter 22.5cm



Clay, day lily, phormium.
Height 8.2cm, Diameter 9.6cm
Clay, day lily, phormium.
Height 12cm, Diameter 12.5cm