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Mindfulness in Nature and Rewilding course Sussex Woods

Mindfulness and Re-wilding Days

Spring: April 26, Summer: July 11, Autumn: Sept 12


Cost: £95 per day, £265 for all 3 days

Book now: April, July, September. Book now: all 3 days

Venue:  ancient coppiced  woodland on a family-run working  farm: peaceful and beautiful Dernwood Farm Nr Heathfield, Sussex, TN21 0PN

Days for being, connecting and re-wilding in woodland surroundings

These days support you in slowing down from your fast-paced life, allowing your mind to quieten and your body relax, to immerse yourself in the woods. Through nature connection practices and guided mindfulness, the days will be based on sensory awareness and embodied experience. Activities will vary according to the season, and will also include some bushcraft, foraging and being creative.

There’s now a wealth of documented research that shows how these kinds of nature-based activities significantly help our mental and physical well being.

These days are for you if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed; and if you’re wanting to improve your overall well being. They’re also for you if you love being in nature and want to develop your connection to the natural world, or feel drawn towards being in nature and re-wilding your life.

Mindfulness in Nature and rewilding course Sussex

If you are among the tens of millions of people who spend most of their days indoors, embedded in the ‘man-made’ world, it’s to be expected that your concept of life will be largely human-centred. When you begin weaving more of nature into your everyday existence, however, your sense of life may open up to encompass the much richer, more complex, more communal and more timeless universe that you’re actually part of. C. Cook, ‘Awakening to Nature’

Often when we’re in nature we find ourselves using our phones, chatting to companions, making plans in our heads, not actually aware of the place we’re in. This is an opportunity to move at a different pace, connect with a sense of timelessness; remember our place in the web of life and feel more at home in nature.

Nobody sees a flower, really- it is so small it takes time… and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time. Georgia O’Keefe

ReWild, v: to return to a more natural or wild state; the process of undoing domestication. Synonyms: undomesticated, uncivilise.

We’ll have a kettle on the fire for hot drinks all day, and homemade healthy treats. Come and be nourished by a whole day outdoors with the camp fire and the mighty oaks, with like-minded people and birdsong in the tree canopy.

You can book the series of 3 days to experience the turning of the seasons, but they also work as stand-alone days.

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Ruby has been practising meditation since 1989 (Theravada tradition), including long periods of solo practice close to nature. She has been an artist/maker and a lover of nature since she was knee-high. Ruby is qualified in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts, is a trained teacher with 30 years experience and is DBS checked. Her work is also informed by Jon Young’s 8 Shields teachings. She has been a qigong practitioner since 2001 with Master Zhixing Wang (in 2014 was given permission from him to teach). Ruby is currently a student of ‘Soulmaking Dharma’ with Catherine McGee.

Make a weekend of it by staying on for Wild Basketry the following day: In July Grass Baskets is scheduled for the following day. In September Rush Foraging Baskets is scheduled for the following day.

Accommodation: camping is available at the farm venue and full details about this will be sent to you when you book on the course. The farm also has glamping options- cosy bell tents and cabins with wood-burners. Please note that the cost of staying at the farm isn’t included in the cost of the course.

You can see course photos on the gallery page, read what previous attendees say about Native Hands courses here, and read FAQs here.

See you in the woods!



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